Dear Friends, All Two of You;

   Thank you so much for reading my plant-killing blog lo these many years. The posts have been sometimes nonstop, other times not at all. Always with my personal blend a little tiny bit of knowledge and wayyyy too much enthusiasm.

I'm so pleased to say that I've completely picked up and moved myself in several ways. First, career wise; I've finally let go of my PhD/med school ambitions succumbed to the world of plants. I'm working happily for a landscaper as a designer-in-training, loving what I do (even when it's shoveling mulch off a flatbed). I even manage to keep the occasional plant alive!

And I've moved literally. I've packed up my precious plants and moved across Chicago to start a teeny tiny urban farm. I live with the other two members of my gardening cadre, The Koumbit Collective. Growing and propagating plants is every bit as wonderful on a large scale as it was on a small one, and I even make a little money doing what I love. To keep up with me and my herbicidal horticultural misadventures, please check out our website and blog, listed below. And come meet me (and my roommates) at farmers markets and plant shows around Chicago this season. Maybe take home some of our plants and produce. It won't kill you (and if you take it away from me, it won't get killed either. Everybody wins).

I won't be updating this blog anymore, but the murderous saga is far from over. Thanks for your support.

-Nature Assassin



As you probably have guessed, I kill a lot of plants.

I also SAVE a lot of plants... from myself.

I have met more than one craigslist garden warrior from giving away plants.

But now I'd rather offer it to you, the avid indoor-gardener;

       Would you care to rescue a plant from me, the Nature Assassin?

Currently, all I have is a lipstick plant (aeschynanthus), ; type unknown. Do you like in the Chicago area? Would you like to adopt it?

.... I do this about once a month. My philosophy is, if you don't like it in my apartment, GET OUT. So it is for the aeschynanthus, and so it had been for the 3-4 behind it (I've killed, like 3 'Mona Lisa's.')

Search craigslist Chicago for Lipstick Plant.


Wait 'till you see some of the plants I'm growing :)