New Plant Roll Call


You sure do need a lot of water. And I'm not sure I like you as much as I like my two Abutilon thompsoniis, River and Simon. Nevertheless, your flowers are very cool. Carry on.


Keep in mind that you are here as a long term investment. You want to grow slowly? Fine. Carry on.


You have proven yourself to be of high aesthetic quality, while requiring minimum maintenance. Also, the new leaves are looking swell. Carry on.


It has come to my attention that you are a fern. Also, you are not dead. To exist under this botanical dualism in my home is rare indeed... most impressive. As a caveat, I must warn you... I've had bad luck with indoor-outdoor ferns. If I find a single scale or mealybug on you, I'll make you wish you'd never been germinated. That is all, carry on.


I can't trust anything with such... racy looking flowers. I've got my eye on you. Just keep those tendrils to yourself!


Never met a Peperomia I didn't like. At ease.


Don't think that you get special treatment, just because you were a gift cutting. We don't take kindly to begonias around here. You better keep that growth habit bushy and compact or I will equalize you, for serious.


You are climbing that hoop like a champ. Great job. Take five.

That's it, now everyone, BACK TO WORK!

Death is Everywhere

       Hey guys! Let's look at what's new and exciting in my garden. After a pretty bad leaf drop, I aggressively pruned my Coprosma x kirkii 'variegata.' It's recovered remarkably well, and I think it will make a really nice specimen for... um...

Aw, shit. Well, anyway,  I found another vendor who carries Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black,' which I absolutely love. My last Leptinella came down with a bad case of root nematodes, and so now it swims with the fishes. This new specimen seems totally robust, and...

Aw, shit! Okay, moving on, my Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum (possibly 'schwarzkopf') finally put on some new...

AW SHIT. Well, at least my monstera deliciosa 'cheesecake' has been doing really OH SWEET JESUS NO, ZOMBIES!!!!

Dammit. Does malathion work against zombies?


Comparisons 09-10 : musa acuminata 'novak'

musa acuminata 'novak,' a.k.a. dwarf banana, february 2009. a new purchase, at the time.

march 2009

it was a tough winter for the banana. luckily, it rebounded in spring.

june 2010. living poolside, it's happier than ever! not much height gained, but the foliage is definitely healthier.

Comparisons 09-10: alocasia 'calidora'

alocasia 'calidora', a.k.a. persian palm/elephant ears, march '09

june '10. that one leaf is an absolute monster. no, seriously, how will i ever get that plant back indoors?

other than that, not much change. i'm just pleased that it survived the winter!