Comparisons 09-10: alocasia 'calidora'

alocasia 'calidora', a.k.a. persian palm/elephant ears, march '09

june '10. that one leaf is an absolute monster. no, seriously, how will i ever get that plant back indoors?

other than that, not much change. i'm just pleased that it survived the winter!


  1. Those things do get huge! I have a ginormous clump in my garden that is as tall as me, and twice as wide! I planted it two summers ago from one container and it took off that fast. I recommend a larger container and digging up offsets as they get bigger so you can get more plants! My clump has a large colony of treefrogs and green lizards taking up residence in it.

  2. I've seen pictures of your alocasia clump, and it rocks my world! I want to marry it. And treefrogs? Bonus.