Death is Everywhere

       Hey guys! Let's look at what's new and exciting in my garden. After a pretty bad leaf drop, I aggressively pruned my Coprosma x kirkii 'variegata.' It's recovered remarkably well, and I think it will make a really nice specimen for... um...

Aw, shit. Well, anyway,  I found another vendor who carries Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black,' which I absolutely love. My last Leptinella came down with a bad case of root nematodes, and so now it swims with the fishes. This new specimen seems totally robust, and...

Aw, shit! Okay, moving on, my Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum (possibly 'schwarzkopf') finally put on some new...

AW SHIT. Well, at least my monstera deliciosa 'cheesecake' has been doing really OH SWEET JESUS NO, ZOMBIES!!!!

Dammit. Does malathion work against zombies?


  1. I dunno whether malathion would work or not. There are arguments to be made that instead of using poisonous pesticides, it would be more productive to try to grow more zombie-resistant species. Like Agaves.

  2. Wow I really laughed out loud! You are pretty funny!