As you probably have guessed, I kill a lot of plants.

I also SAVE a lot of plants... from myself.

I have met more than one craigslist garden warrior from giving away plants.

But now I'd rather offer it to you, the avid indoor-gardener;

       Would you care to rescue a plant from me, the Nature Assassin?

Currently, all I have is a lipstick plant (aeschynanthus), ; type unknown. Do you like in the Chicago area? Would you like to adopt it?

.... I do this about once a month. My philosophy is, if you don't like it in my apartment, GET OUT. So it is for the aeschynanthus, and so it had been for the 3-4 behind it (I've killed, like 3 'Mona Lisa's.')

Search craigslist Chicago for Lipstick Plant.


Wait 'till you see some of the plants I'm growing :)