First Forays in Aquatic Plants

Dear Cyperus (diffusus?) Number One:

Everyone told me that the only rule with you was constant moisture. So, the whole not-watering-to-death thing is totally my bad. To be fair, you could have given me more warning. I'm really sorry you had to die just to teach me something I already knew; your sacrifice paves the way for future plants, who theoretically will not succumb to the same mistakes. I'm sure you understand.

 Dear Cyperus Number Two:

Don't worry, everything's going to be fine. Probably.


Nature Assassin    


Busy as a Bombus


     The posts have been sporadic and spontaneous lately, I know. I've blown right by a few important things... first, the blog was nominated for a Mouse & Trowel award, so thank you to everyone who voted! The winner of the Best Indoor Gardening Blog category went to Plants Are The Strangest People, which is my favorite houseplant blog, including my own. My One Seed Chicago seeds came in (Monarda!!), terrariums have been constructed and deconstructed, propagation projects have come and gone. And of course, several houseplants have been murdered. So where are all the posts?

Well, I'm super busy people, really and for true! I work full time at a garden center, which suits me pretty much perfectly. Both of my days off are spent in pursuit of my bigger dream... to enter a PhD program in clinical psychology. I spend one day at a lab as a research assistant, and one day as a volunteer intern at a rehabilitation center for teens. Basically, I have zero days off, and almost zero time for anything else but watering my plants and sleeping. Thank god for Boyfriend Assassin, who has taken on the household duties.

 So, that's a little insight into my life outside of Nature Assassin. In relevant news, spring is over, and the sun is finally shining in Chicago like a good yellow star should. Gardeners of the world rejoice! We've had rain, we've got humidity, and now there's light and heat. Pack up the humidifiers and bust out the fertilizer; everything's gonna be fine! Until October, anyway. Here's a little W.H. Auden on the subject. That's all for now; stay in touch for more posts, and thanks for reading!


just some plants i am growing

i am going to do some how-to posts very soon. but for now...

1. sansevieria trifasciata
2. peperomia argyriea, post-division
3. microsorum thailandicum and schefflera
4. more p. argyreia (post division, after all)
5. abutilon hybrid
6. strelitzia (nicholai or reginae?)
7. senecio macroglossus
8. aloes and agaves
9. cotyledon tomentosa
10. nephrolepis 'emina'
11. phalaenopsis 'balinese splendor'
12. sansevieria 'crazy-ass fool' (i can't figure out which
 cultivar this is)
13. fatshedera lizei


a light night love letter

or rather, a love picture. from me, and my mandevilla.