First Forays in Aquatic Plants

Dear Cyperus (diffusus?) Number One:

Everyone told me that the only rule with you was constant moisture. So, the whole not-watering-to-death thing is totally my bad. To be fair, you could have given me more warning. I'm really sorry you had to die just to teach me something I already knew; your sacrifice paves the way for future plants, who theoretically will not succumb to the same mistakes. I'm sure you understand.

 Dear Cyperus Number Two:

Don't worry, everything's going to be fine. Probably.


Nature Assassin    


  1. Oh my gosh. That is hilarious.

  2. Hehehe - love the pots!

    I love Cyperuses too, but I can't buy any more while I have to live with a cat - the little beast thinks they're cat grass. :(

  3. Thanks! It's amazing what you can do with paper, a glue stick, and a hundred-thousand dollar art degree.

  4. Hee! Best pots evar.

    It confuses me that you have aquatic plants, y'know, not actually in water. I grow aquatic plants in an aquarium, underwater. (There's fish too, but..plants!) Is this not the way it's usually done?

    I mean, sure, Cyperus appears to be an emergent plant, but so's half the stuff I have entirely immersed.

  5. Yyyyyyeah, it has occurred to me, retrospectively, that submersion is a much smarter way to grow this. I've got it in a deep tupperware filled with water, currently... new solution needed, fast!!

  6. Yeah, my pots looked like that too...right after I over-watered a jade plant into rigatoni. Thank you for your inspiring dead plant eulogy and your awesome blog :-)