just some plants i am growing

i am going to do some how-to posts very soon. but for now...

1. sansevieria trifasciata
2. peperomia argyriea, post-division
3. microsorum thailandicum and schefflera
4. more p. argyreia (post division, after all)
5. abutilon hybrid
6. strelitzia (nicholai or reginae?)
7. senecio macroglossus
8. aloes and agaves
9. cotyledon tomentosa
10. nephrolepis 'emina'
11. phalaenopsis 'balinese splendor'
12. sansevieria 'crazy-ass fool' (i can't figure out which
 cultivar this is)
13. fatshedera lizei


  1. Huh. My Peperomia argyreia . . . doesn't look like that. All upright, green, and with unsplit leaves and stuff, I mean.

  2. Try swearing at it; I find that's very effective with Peperomias.

  3. That's a nice perch to view what's going on below!