Bow Chicka Bow Bow, part two

Spring is here, summer is almost here, and that means nature is feeling Awesome and Sexy. There are flowers all over the place, and even indoors, things are growing crazygonuts.

Abutilon cuttings. I'm hoping I can train them as a standard.

Neoregelia 'Kimberly' flowered beautifully, and has put out a few pups. Here's the biggest:

and the plant still looks awesome. Not quite the same for as my mystery bromeliad (neoregelia 'carolinae?'), which flowered totally in secret and is looking a little haggard now.

Still, maybe the decline is due to MORE PUPS!

Bromeliads are so fun. They have such a wonderful life cycle.  Meanwhile the opuntia seedlings have totally grown... shhyeah. Frigging cactus.

No really, I'm fine. I'll just stay like this for a couple more years. I'm good.

Of course, there have been failures. My papayas committed mass suicide! My passiflora cuttings drank the cool-aid. My clematis never sprouted. Spring is a time of everything being wonderful... then you forget to water, and it's a time of "AW SHIT."

And speaking of "aww," check out my scindapsus argyreus. What's that? The view is obstructed by sleeping cat adorableness? Oh, I know. Our cats are still all up ons.

Maybe it's their mutual need to destroy houseplants and possessions that brings them together.