Party At?

I'll start posting again, right after I watch a few more episodes of Archer. Did I say episodes? I meant seasons. In the meantime, if you've been wondering where the party at, get a load of these upcoming Chicagoland houseplant events:

datura noid

September 11 + 12: Lakeshore African Violet Society Show and Sale. Chicago Botanic Garden, 10am to 4:30pm.

September 11 + 12: Gethsemane Garden Center Annual Sidewalk Sale - This is a great time to get pottery, out-of-flower orchids, and more on the cheap. Between you and me, they have tradescantia, ferns, cyperus, breynias, and many other indoor-friendly plants marked for sale as outdoor annuals. Time to stock up! 9-6pm.

September 18: Hawthorne Garden's Houseplant Seminar. Acclimatizing your pre-existing plants, and adding new ones. 10am.

October 3: Lurie Garden Workshop, "Garden Blogging: Porting Your Garden Journal to the Digital Age." Lecture by Mr. Brown Thumb, hosted in the 1st floor Garland Room, 10am to 12pm.

October 9 + 10: Illinois Orchid Society Show and Sale. Chicago Botanic Garden, time TBA

October 20: Sprout Home's Terrarium Building Class. Registration required (info@sprouthome.com), cost approximately $35-$75, depending on selected materials. 6pm.

Everyone's invited over to my place before these events for pregaming, BYOB


  1. I'm so glad someone else I know watches Archer! That show is so horribly rude but I love it so! I like the receptionist who likes to be choked.

  2. OMG, I forgot about being asked to that workshop. Tee hee, so weird to see my listed here. So, what kind of drinks are suitable for 9am pregaming for the lecture?

  3. I can't wait for your workshop! I'm thinking 8am power hour. I'll pour one out for you, homie.

    also yes, Rainforest, I love the receptionist. I think Mother is my favorite though.