Sorry for the long delay, y'all! Here we go.

I love to germinate seeds. This spring, as usual, I'll give away asstons of seedlings. I'm going to germinate way more plants than I could ever reasonably use, just for funsies. The seed catalogs are pouring in, and I'm already in love. Moon and Stars Watermelon has got me waiting by the phone, crying, pining away. Anyway, growing tender seedlings indoors, with two cats around, can be somewhat... complex.

Dear cat. You're in my terrarium, crushin' my pachira, with your fat truck ass. What gives. Sincerely, your Overlord.

Everything has to be critter-proofed this year. I put a giant metal shelving unit right next to the heat radiator, figuring that the heat would speed up the germination process. Next, I needed a tough airtight container, like a seed incubator, but those things are wicked expensive. I've tried the soft plastic-covered trays that you might get from a home improvement center... unfortunately, Jiffy brand did not center their product design around domestic critter-attack. I was totally at a loss, until a smart friend said to me, "What about those plastic storage tubs, like they have at Target?"


 It looks a little jacked up, but it works just fine. The upper shelf contains my smaller tropical plants, enclosed in plastic. The front panel pops out so I can water and refill the humidifier. The second shelf is my seed incubators. The first seeds to go in were Dyckia 'Brittle Star,' provided by Turtlewalker at the fabulous blog Succulent Bromeliads and Others (thanks again!). Preparing Dyckia seeds for germination is a tricky process involving sugar, bleach, and prayer. Once prepped, I popped them in peat pellets and...


Isn't it cute?!? And it took no time whatsoever... maybe two weeks. More updates to follow.


  1. We have 3 cats and thank goodness they are lazy as hell. They don't jump on the table to eat the little seedlings, they only munch on the plants on the floor.

  2. I love the picture of the cat in the terrarium, though having an actual cat in my actual terrarium would probably make me scream (if I had a cat and a terrarium bigger than a pickle jar, which I don't. Hoping to rectify that soon.)

    I've thought of those storage boxes, too. I haven't needed them yet, but if I do ever need some greenhouse-ish thing, I'll need to dump out my fabric or yarn.