Chicago Botanical Gardens

-Extremely creative/engaging themed gardens. These included a scent garden, a "touch" garden, and an "accessible" garden with raised flower beds for children and those in wheelchairs

-Plant specimens are the emphasis... topography and decor accentuates the plant collections rather than the reverse

-Garden manicuring is subtle. Plant forms are very gently manipulated, emphasizing the beauty of organic lines rather than strict control. If the St. Louis Botanical Garden is Versailles, this is Ritsurin. I don't just mean the Japanese garden, either. The design in the entire garden creates a sense of natural bounty without becoming a wild mess

-Tasteful, mostly eco-friendly, mostly on-topic gift shop (unfortunately there were very few plants for sale)


Vibrant, textural flowers in the "touch" garden

Sempervivum succulents in the "touch" garden

A stunning variegated alocasia... I'd love to have one just like this

Variegated Justicia (shrimp plant) blooming with pink "shrimp"

A GIANT agave plant (thumbs-up provided for scale)

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