Spring got me Sprung

Here's a sampling of the sexy native spring perennials that I had a chance to see this year. Pics were taken at my grandparent's home in Batavia, Illinois. Every year, we wait for these plants to fall back before mowing the grass so we can enjoy some historical native species. Jumping up from all the forest debris of fall and winter, these early risers must soak up the sun before the trees leaf out. No blooming Dutchman's Britches (dicentra cucullaria) were discovered, but luckily the Guy and myself saw TONS of them in Starved Rock State Park just a week before.

Trout Lily

My mother identified these big weirdos as being somehow related to crabapples... I adore their shape. The Guy and I also saw some at the Chicago Botanical Garden this week.

Native Wild Ginger

False Solomon's Seal


  1. That one plant looks like a May Apple (Podophyllum peltatum) to me.

  2. Thanks! You're right, it's definitely May Apple, not Crabapple.