The Garfield Conservatory...

... RULES!!

A sister facility to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the Garfield Conservatory is a free institute located on the southwest side of Chicago. They have some truly amazing plants, and their brilliant interiorscaping turns a simple meandering walk into an escape to tropical heaven! They even have some rare Cuban specimens that were brought over before the embargo. Of course, I'd skip their most valuable palm to take home just one of their crazy little staghorn ferns. The children's room was a nice touch, and their special exhibit on the production of glucose had a spread of tiny homegrown bananas to sample! The bananas were delicious, and vaguely floral compared to the standard grocery store variety. Aside from a noticeable outbreak of whitefly in the fern room, this collection is immaculately maintained and contains quite a bit of history. I look forward to going again.

Fearful symmetry on a Calathea lancifolia

Patterns of Calathea musaica

Philodendron melanochrysums big enough for Bjork to wear to the Grammys

Fittonia verschaffeltiis as big as your head!

Guzmania "Sir Albert"

Garfield conservatory has Guz-Mania!

An incredible Stapelia gigantea flower

Crosiers across a pond

Beautiful mosses and Adantiums in the fern room

A very provocative Cycad organ

The painterly colors of Victoriae-reginae aurea

And that's all for now!

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