If It's Not Love, Then It's the Frond That Will Bring Us Together

I'm really on a kick with "fronds" punned into popular songs, aren't I? Well, at least I haven't used any "Seabiscuit" metaphors lately. I mean, it is a bitchin' movie, but anyway.

Some random updates: "Mystery Red Fern" is still putting out new fronds, despite the fact that my relative humidity in the plant room recently dropped from 73% down to 40% percent in the last 3 days. The new growth on this fern is always the prettiest part.

Tall crosier

Lower crosier

And speaking of pretty...

This is the beginning of a bloom on Tillandsia (noid)! How exciting. I've been watering via submersion up until this point, as per the great tips I got at this page on Web Indexes. Now I'll obviously have to try something else.


  1. Your mystery fern might be an autumn fern. I have one that looks awfully similar.

  2. Pretty sure you could still immerse the Tillandsia, at least briefly. We always watered them the same at work (by spraying water in the general direction) when they were in or out of flower.

    And no, I don't think it will die back when it's finished blooming. I'm not 100% certain, but it sure looks like Tillandsias don't die after flowering even though all the websites say they do.

  3. Shannon: Thanks for the help! It could certainly be D. erythrosora. The only thing throwing me off is the way that the new fronds always emerge in a five-point star shape; I had one D. erythrosora before and I don't recall if it happened like that.

    Mr. Subjunctive: That is very good news! I'd hate to lose this plant so soon.