Who Is That Ravishing Creature?

Why it's Paphiopedilum bellatulum 'Fox Valley,' of course. Just one of the many orchids you can find at Orchids By Hausermann in Villa Park. I realize that I just mentioned this greenhouse in my last post, but what can I say? I'm going through a phase. The folks at Hausermann were kind enough to let me snap and publish some photos of their operation.

Rare orchids are their specialty, apparently, and you will certainly find some two-inch gems with hundred-dollar price stickers. But luckily, the sheer number and variety of orchids they carry means you WILL find something to take home, regardless of your funds or level of experience. I think that I'm currently about a level 25 Orchid Paladin (my coven meets on Sundays in the basement of a local greenhouse, where we drink goblets of Mountain Dew "Code Red" and play for Orchid Master points. All are welcome - please BYO multi-sided dice).

There is a huge palette of colors at Hausermann, and delicious smells abound.

The constant rotation of blooms renders every greenhouse into a tiny paradise.

And who is THIS ravishing creature? You'll find out soon enough.


  1. Wow, that red one is fantastic! =o
    I am kind of scared of orchids. Like, if I look at it sideways, it might die.
    That said, looking at pictures of other people's orchids is a great pastime.