Stop! Tubertime.

Just in case you were curious...

this is the difference between a typical colocasia and a typical alocasia tuber. neat, hanh?

I know the sign says "caladium," and in fact both tubers were labeled caladiums. But nope; I spoke someone who was working the booth, and he identified them. He also gave me REALLY good advice on the different ways to overwinter an alocasia!


  1. I've left colocasia in the ground before against a south facing brick wall and it came back. If you just want big, green foliage you can buy taro root in Asian markets and plant it. It is way cheaper than the cultivated tubers of colocasia and alocasia.

  2. Wow, that's awesome! I'm sprouting Opuntia seeds from prickly-pear fruit that I bought at my Mexican grocery... taro is definitely next.