In Memoriam III

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here to honor the memory of my latest assassinations. Take comfort in the knowledge that, in death, they serve a greater purpose... making room for more plants.

Roll call!

Adenium obesum - incurable and debilitating case of the uglies; also mealybugs

Nephrolepis exaltata - scale

Ficus pumila - mealy bugs

Schlumbergera NOID - ritual seppuku

Leptinella squalida - root nematodes

Plumera rubra - mauled to death

Microsorum diversifolium - scale

Jasminum sambac 'Belle of India' - thirst. This cultivar should really be called 'Candyass of India,' or perhaps 'Viola,' because it's a pansy. Yeah, that's right, I killed you and I'm NOT sorry. You were not well-suited to indoor culture. In fact, as a species, you Jasminums need to get your shit together! Until then, friendship cancelled.

 If you would like to express your condolences, feel free to send me more plants. I'll be out, grieving. And shopping. For plants.


  1. Jasminum isn't even especially well-suited to greenhouse culture, in my experiences with it at work. I don't know where it does want to grow. I sort of hate them.

  2. Sorry about the F pumila. When I saw you had I kinda wanted one too and I almost bought one at the flower show, but I've been down that road one too many times.

    Some lessons you learn from and some mistakes you just keep repeating.

  3. You know, I guess I don't learn. I'm already eyeing the baskets I keep seeing at Home Depot. THIS time will be different, I'm SURE!

  4. Jasmin Sambacs, oh my, what a hoist. They're IMPOSSIBLE to grow - and i live in the subtropics - their ideal setting, have them outdoors, feed them rhododendron fert with their must-have (pansies - agree) 1TBS of vinegar thrown in, pot them up in some fancy mix I found on gardenweb (Al Tapla's 511)...and still 2 dead in 6 months. So i'm gonna say it: their flowers dont smell thaaaaaaat great anyway. True! My roses' fragrances are far BETTER, so ner Jasmins, agreed, who cares if you die - that's another two spots for roses - as Nature Assassin would surely attest.