Is it time?

Is it time to put my plants outside??

     No. Not yet.

But it's gorgeous out there!

     I know, right? But wait just a little more.

The forecast says it's going to stay warm... even thefuckingweather says so.

     Yep. But let's just give it another week or so, to be sure that the nighttime temperatures don't go below 50 degrees. Better safe than sorry! That said, there are some plants that will survive these temperatures:

Agaves, aloes, and several other succulents/cacti
Araucaria (norfolk island pine)
Callistemon (bottlebrush)
Campanula (bellflower, fairy-ear)
most Cissus (grape ivy, kangaroo ivy)
Citrus species
most Hederas (common ivy)
some types of Jasminum (Jasmine)
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (Flaming Katy)
miniature roses
Olea (olive)
Passiflora (passion flower)
Plectranthus (swedish ivy)

And happy spring, everyone!

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