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Recent loot!

Aeschynanthus radicans 'Mona Lisa'

A cultivar of the popular Lipstick plant, 'Mona Lisa' has thick, tough, fuzzy leaves. The flowers are a dark scarlet red and deep, deep purple. Although my specimen dropped ALL of its flowers within 24 hours of moving in, it obliged me by sending out lots of new branches/vines. A classic houseplant, perfect as a partial-shade hanging basket in summer. 

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Also known as bag flower, bleeding heart vine, and Glory Bower. I'm torn between training this beautiful vine to trail from a basket or climb an arbor. Also a fairly old-school houseplant, but Clerodendrum is seen in books more often then it is seen on store shelves. 

Coprosma x kirkii 'Variegata"

This New Zealand shrub is less common in indoor culture. Commonly known as mirror bush, the original latin name Coprosma roughly means "smells crappy." Luckily this attribution only holds for one type of Coprosma, and the variety I have is nothing but pleasant. I'm looking forward to many hours of happy pruning in our future.

Lithops optica 'Rubra' may not be recent loot, but it's still news. Both of my specimens are growing new leaf pairs. I find it curious and charming.

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