Give Away That Which You Love Most...

Well friends, spring is here. It's is a time of growth and renewal for everything that is alive. Spring is a time for generosity: generosity of time, generosity of material things, and generosity of spirit.

What could be better than receiving a bundle of Passiflora cuttings from my biffle on a gorgeous day?

     So, how will I celebrate spring? Just like I celebrate in fall: by giving away (and buying) a shit-ton of plant material. I'm going to sprout and propagate plants all over the place; I've already started. I've got improved Meyer Lemons, papayas, and Opuntias sprouting, and there are seeds on their way to me in the mail. True, I don't own a scale here that measures shit-tons, so my cubic shit-ton estimate is just that... an estimate. What I'm trying to do is just give you some perspective on the volume of plants here. It's a lot.

     Heathen plantophiles like me adore the Rites of Spring, the secular aspects of Easter ... watching the snow melt, and seeing things start to green up and peek out. Getting our hands muddy and really enjoying the outdoors again. Potting up our root-bound houseplants, moving sulking specimens outside to bathe in the warm light. Potting, pruning, and propagating!

   The natural fecundity of plants during this time is ridiculously enjoyable. Go forth, fellow plant people, and spread your non-metaphorical seeds!

   Then, when warmer weather hits and you have more jars of Pothos cuttings that you know what to do with, give them away. When your plants are generous with bounty, share your good fortune and give away that which you love most. Homemade cuttings, seeds, or spring berries are such great presents! Give them away, friend... give them away by the shit-ton. Amen.


  1. That is so totally how I feel - as soon as spring arrives, I'm buzzing all over the place like a slightly mad bee, taking cuttings, planting seeds, repotting... everyone who visits me is handed plants, everyone who has something interesting is begged for cuttings, and ridiculous amounts of money are spent on plants and seeds.

  2. Yep! It's like a seasonally-induced botanical fever.

  3. Yeah. Giving away plants is sooo much fun! It's so neat finding other like minded people who can be my "plant buddies." :-D

    I have a few dozen pothos cuttings currently rooting... which they're doing, but they are also slowly rotting from the bottom. The person who works in the greenhouse at the university that I go to said that it's better to simply plant them in soil. I'm trying both methods...