Bulldog Assassin

Can I have this dog? Can I can I can I? I know I approach plants, pets, and even children from a somewhat clinically inquisitive perspective... I'm much more of an observer and researcher than caretaker. I kill a lot of plants just by trying different things out, and my cats need about as much snuggling as a lizard, which is the way I like it.

But I really, really want this dog. His name is Benny, and I came across his profile on Petfinder.com quite by accident. I know he's ancient, and in a year he'll probably need his fat ass dragged everywhere in a radio-flyer because his skeleton is jacked up... but I don't care. Somebody needs to adopt this hideous cur and indulge his every whim. Look at him run! He can't even see where he's going! He should be named Seabiscuit, because lil' fuggo is wicked fast and obviously has a heart of gold.

Anyway, back at the Umbrella Corporation a.k.a. ma crib, the evil experiments continue. No pictures today, terribly sorry. My A. nidus "Fimbriatum," which was recently discussed, has been "retired" replicant-style because the scale infestation was too aggressive to control. I'm upset about that. In happier news, the Meyer lemon seedlings outgrew their first pots (aww, they grow up so fast) and are now living in larger quarters, and outside.

Also, my Aloe Parvula "Jacobsonii" pup finally got big enough to be separated from the parent plant, and it's doing very well.

Finally, my amazing Camouflage Plant (Ledebouria socialis) is fuller than ever, and just produced its first flower spike. This bizarre and awesome plant was purchased from Ted's Greenhouse at their booth at the Navy Pier Flower and Garden show in March.

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