First I Must Apologize

Because this post is really about ponies. Some plants... mostly ponies. I will get back on topic very shortly... upcoming posts will detail Microsorum Thailandicum, and the Real Deal on Silk Pothos. 

I was in St. Louis recently visiting my alma mater and my family. My aunt, uncle, two cousins, and many little beasts live on a beautiful restored farm just west of the city. With blog productivity in mind, I grabbed the camera and went out on ponyback* to see what plants were lurking. 

A moss-covered patio outside a very old gazebo. Why is moss so glamorous?

Heirloom apple trees in the orchard. We stopped for a sample.

A very, very old stand of roses. Sorry that the shot is a bit shaky... we were hoofing it. 


Take a minute for that pun, people. It's a gem.

A rare shrub... no wait. It's an EVEN TINIER PONY!

If you could hear this picture, it would sound like munching and teeny weeny grunts. 

*This pony, BTW, is my little cousin Thomas' living breathing full scale replica of Epona. He's crazygonuts for the Legend of Zelda, and apparently having a "Link" costume and sword just didn't complete the fantasy. Amazing childhood alert! Now, if someone was offering me a fantasy pony, I would have gone with Goliath from Ladyhawke. 

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