Missouri Botanical Garden


- Entry price is $4 for Missouri residents, as opposed to $25 at the Chicago Botanical Garden. They do not check ID, meaning it is $4 for those who can say, "Why yes, I am from Mizzurrah."

- Several amazing climatrons

- The Japanese garden has acoustically-conscious waterfalls and a mating pair of foxes that live on the grounds.

- As mentioned before, the garden grounds are highly structured and seem to be lost in time, lending emphasis to the historic buildings, pools, mazes, etc. The "Linnaeus House" features spectacular blooms and tropicals.


Dart frogs on some trandescantia in the tropical climatron

Huge, rainbow-colored Kalanchoe

Bizarro-Harry-Potter-style Jaboticaba tree

Indoor waterfall for the Pteris ferns, among others

Gorgeous Euphorbia milii

Papaya fruit

Close-up of a beautiful "chain fern" (Woodwardia fimbriata)


  1. The photos you take are lovely, and I like your blog-style. I was sent here by Mr. Subjunctive, who said your blog was worth checking out. It is!

  2. This site is the bomb. All of my houseplants are currently held hostage and my roommate forgets the ones she has exist, so the two plants we do have are currently wilting in the Chicago sun. As a fellow nature assassin, I can identify with this site. You should do a brunch piece on places with awesome greenery.

  3. Just a comment....there's good and evil in the Garden...beauty abounds but management astounds....and that's not a good thing.